Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010 WDW day report

Today was a bittersweet trip to WDW. I met up with my two favorite disney chicks Aurora and Amanda (check out there blogs in the links on the right). We met up at the newly re-named ESPN Wide World of Sports complex and hung out there watching a live taping of The Herd with Colin Cowherd. Interesting show, he seems to be like a stand up comedian whose only topic is sports. Had fun until had to say goodbye to them and I ended up at Epcot enjoying a few attractions before I make the big move to Jacksonville this weekend.

I got to Epcot at 4pm and am quite happy with how much i got to experience. Showed my father the Kuka arm being used for The Sum of All Thrills attraction in Innoventions before saying goodbye to him and going off to do my thing. I was able to walk right onto Mission: Space, Test Track, Journey Into Imagination, Impressions de France, Maelstrom and Spaceship Earth. Something you will learn about me is I am not a fan of my feet dangling on an attraction so I tend to shy away from Soarin' if I am not with a group that is going on it. Before heading out of the park I had to do my obligatory stop in a the Mitsukoshi store in the Japan Pavillion.

My personal tradition is that I have to try something new every time I am there. This visit was no exception. What I tried was called Pom Tsurugaru Ringo. It was amazing! It is a non-carbonated soft drink with an apple flavor. I want you to imagine taking a bite of a juicy sweet apple and bottling that flavor. As I was sipping my drink and walking towards the exit, the Taiko Drummers started performing and I have to say it was the perfect end to my visit today. Sipping on a delicious Japanese drink while watching the amazingly talented girls on the Taiko drums as the sun sets on Spaceship Earth and the Torii Gate.

1st Post

Wow ok so ummm yeah this is the first post of my new blog "Push The Green Button". Gonna give you a little introduction of myself before explaining what this blog will be all about.

I'm Ellen. Hi. I love Jeopardy. I use to not care about Energy at all.

Wait wait no sorry that's the Universe of Energy. I am Armand. I live here in sunny Florida and love Walt Disney World. I am a former attractions Cast Member. Spent most of my time at Space Mountain among a few other places here and there. I have been a self proclaimed WDW geek since a very early age and have been going to the parks at least once a month since I was 3. My favorite park is the Disney-MGM Studios (what is this Hollywood name of which you speak?) My favorite ride is The Great Movie Ride. Oh yeah I guess I should mention I am also a big movie geek and a gamer as well.

Now back to this green button. This blog will be primarily focusing on the attractions at WDW. As many Disney enthusiasts know, the Cast Members will push a green button in order to engage your vehicle into the attraction. I will be talking about current attractions or hoping in our CTX TimeRover and visiting extinct attractions. Will also be using this space to chat about my random trip reports to WDW. I hope you all enjoy this blog.